WWE Immortals

WWE Immortals is a Brand new fighting game for Android, which gives rise to create a new Universe, which will gather new heroes with different combat styles and their own unique moves. This is a fighting game developed for us the guys from the Studio Warner Bros, who gave us such great games as Injustice: Gods Among Us and the mega-popular Mortal Kombat.


This game children create on the basis of the super popular American show – wrestling, where hefty and super muscular guys and girls beating each other, showing very colorful battles. However, in the game you will not see the usual wrestlers, the developers though, and took as the basis of skills and fighting gadgets known fighters, but the appearance they are properly altered, the result is a completely new, interesting and cool characters.

So in the game you will get acquainted with the Lord of the forest, Guardian of the mountains, the Undertaker, a Man of a fiery whirlwind, and others, each of them, of course, by its strong, has its own fighting style and attacks. The mechanics of the game WWE Immortals for Android is fully transferred from the game, Injustice, you’ll also need to recruit a team of three characters with whom you will go on an incredible adventure, where you’ll explore locations and to peel all caught enemies.

Control of the game by using gestures, tapping on the screen you will spend the simple attack, and making a swipe from left to right you will spend enhanced attack, but if you click on the display with two fingers we will be able to place the block. When you perform the attack, we gradually accumulate adrenaline, which will give the opportunity to put his opponent a devastating super kick.

At the moment the game is still buggy, there are different bugs, and Yes there are problems with the graphics, but the developers are working actively on it and you can be sure that soon the game will hone and it will make the competition even Injustice.

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