Valiant Hearts: The Great War on Android

Valiant Hearts: The Great War on Android – a Great adventure quest for Android with puzzle elements and great gameplay.

This wonderful game designed for us guys from a very famous company Ubisoft, they have invested in the game soul and I’m sure the game will be a huge hit in googleplay.

The Great War

Valiant Hearts: The Great War is a game that has pretty good gameplay, but as he would say fades into the background, is before us a great history of the First world war which became a game, and could form the basis of a book or even film.

The game begins after the 1914 killing of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, his murder leads to the First world war. The stories will center around four different characters, their fates were tied up and the same hour was destroyed by the war, she made it quite a severe test, which is possible only in time of war…

So, as we have seen before us a splendid adventure in which quite a lot of arcade elements. Management in game quite simple and easily digestible, moving from one point to another, where you will wait for various tests, obstacles, puzzles, enemies, or job that you need to perform. All actions are performed with gestures. During the game you will not hear the dialogues of the characters, they are replaced by clouds above the heads of which are written by their words or necessary tasks.

The gameplay, as befits a game of this level, well thought out, along the way you’ll find all sorts of items that should not be used in normal quests, in fact they are necessary in order for a player to find out the involvement of these items to the First world war and all sorts of interesting facts about them. During the game you can read all sorts of interesting historical facts, which in the game is provided with photos and description.

The graphics in the quest Valiant Hearts: The Great War is rather unusual, but very high quality, it is made in a cartoon style and fits perfectly into a serious narrative story about the largest military conflict of the early twentieth century, she simply and clearly illustrates all the horrors and hardships of war. In General the game is really a masterpiece, she’s a great representative of the quest genre that finally got to our android platform.

Of course, many may not like it, in view of the fact that in the first place here is the story, but the gameplay is relegated to the background, but those elect who will begin play on any will have great fun and learn about the history of the First world voineagu works only when you enable the auto-rotate screen! (on auto-rotate, hold the phone horizontally and run the game)

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