Syberia 2

Syberia 2 the game – the Second version is an interesting quest, which is able to entice players for many hours, all thanks to the interesting characters, mystery, and lots of mysteries, secrets and surprises. In the first part of the quest Syberia told us about Kate Walker, who has unraveled the mystery associated with plant illustrations, and in this new version it will go to a mysterious island Sibiria to solve the next mystery.


The game’s plot begins with our famous lawyer Kate sent to Europe for processing very large purchase of enterprises for the production of toys. As soon arrived at the place Kate fail, and it turns out that a controlling stake in the company belongs to nobody Hans Voralberg, which is considered to be missing.

A bit after examining the details of the case about the disappearance of Hans, our heroine discovers that the trail leads to the island Sibiria which is located in the frozen North. It is on this mysterious island and it’s the most interesting adventure…

As in the first version of the game control is carried out by means of taps, you must touch the right place and the heroine immediately get in there. To talk to characters, open doors or pick up the item simply tap on the icon and choose the desired action. Inventory is at the bottom right of the display, there will be gathered all the found objects, which are needed to solve puzzles.

And the puzzles in the for Android are many, many quite complex to solve need the care and ingenuity. Important to carefully study the location and to clearly notice the smallest details. The graphics are gorgeous, made so to speak with the soul: the location is beautiful, the characters well-drawn, in General, nothing to complain about. It is recommended to pass the first part of this magnificent quest, and then enjoy the sequel.

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