SONIC RUNNERS for android

The basis of going to meet a famous hedgehog Sonic in SONIC RUNNERS.

Animated logo

There is in the gaming industry such characters that become iconic, that’s what happened with sonic hedgehog, who took over the honorary role and became the logo of the company SEGA.

If you for some reason don’t know what those are, you probably very few years and you have only to meet many heroes moved on from gaming consoles to the android platform.

Any copied games for mobile gadgets completely, but sometimes release and all sorts of variations in the spirit of modern influences, this is the kind of fantasy on a given topic today we are going to consider.


Long will they run?

Actually the Dream book the first thing associated with speed, so do the runners with his participation was destined. Actually, it is not the first project in this genre appeared on android, before the hedgehog already debuted in the endless race, but today we represent the horizontal runner which has similarities with platformers.

Overall the project turned out similar to the classic game with this hero, he will be rushing inexorably forward, periodically increasing the speed, all control is reduced to a simple touches that will make sonic jump, and double tap switches respectively to double jump. And you will collect various crystals and gold rings, the latter is particularly important because if the character anything happens, I will die, but first I will scatter all your rings, if you have time to pick up a new one then will be able to continue the journey without any problems.

SONIC RUNNERS for android


All sorts of obstacles on the way to meet a huge amount, then you and all sorts of spikes, chasms to jump, and of course numerous mechanisms, which are hidden inside the unfortunate animals enchanted by the evil Professor. This Professor will be your main enemy, you are to meet him at certain intervals of time and have to try to knock out his ship. In principle, the game is simple, but there are plenty of opportunities for donation, as well as many different supporting elements, for example, you can select a satellite and so on.

All anything, but tells it all with the help of pop-up Windows that 10 minutes of game time to get bored worse than any advertising.



Needless to say that the style in the style of old school and will please those who played on the TV screens. The picture quality-no complaints, everything is bright and beautiful, lots of animated elements, and various events are accompanied drawn explosions, which adds to the picture of the dynamics.

Although, with the dynamics here the situation is more than good, sometimes you just don’t have time to explore the surroundings. Created the gameplay is simple melody, and many of the sounds borrowed from the original game.

SONIC RUNNERS – pretty nice runner, which will especially please those who are familiar with the original game.



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