Road Panic for android

Road Panic invites us to step out of the busy intersections and to prevent any accidents.

The idea of the old – new performance

For any quite a lot of various games offer us in varying degrees to control traffic. This simple idea turned out to be very fruitful ground for numerous projects, the game gets addictive and difficult to manage, which is a great combination for time-killers.

The movement of trams we have regulation, lights switch, pedestrians using the carriageway transferred… But today have to do all this at the same time.

Road Panic

Be careful on the roads!

The game is divided into numerous levels, you are required to hold a certain time and to prevent accidents, the first levels to cope with this task will not be difficult, but then no-no and to face several cars. Do you have a bonus towing, this problem is easily solved, but if the stock bonuses came to an end, then you will have to pass the level again.

Your main weapon of impact on the world will be able to stop the car in any convenient location, next to the machine transport will obediently stay because you set the machine, but tube to create investigates if too many cars are simultaneously stand, then you too will lose, here you need to navigate to the red rock in the top right of the screen.

Road Panic android


Will be machines which your team is not interesting – it’s the police and an ambulance is required of you at any cost to clear the way for them. Also have to take care about pedestrians, transitions can be both regulated and unregulated, people still feel sorry for, so watch carefully not approaching anyone to the road.

Over time, you will have additional problems in the form of repair of the roadway, the car will need to pass one another, and the road narrows, so you have to determine who is and who is going to give way, and in what sequence. At your disposal there will be two more bonus, one stops all the cars currently on the screen, and the second for some time slows down all movement.

Road Panic for android


The graphics in the game are quite modest, the developers chose a simple hand-drawn style in which nothing is superfluous. On the one hand it is a plus, the device does not load, and would distract the small details from the stress of the gameplay.

But on the other hand I want to still see a more detailed image, gadgets, many quite powerful, and I want to see what image they can give.

Road Panic is an interesting game, which is perfect if you have free time and you don’t know on what to spend.

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