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Today I would like to talk about PokeMesh. This is a map of “pocket monsters”, which works fast enough. This app is one of the best maps for real-virtual game Pokemon.pokemesh apk

Running the application on smartphones on the Android platform, but there’s also a web app. At the moment, the service PokeMesh app is the only one among the many working map and can display IV “pocket monsters”.

Let’s look at the basic functions and features of the app:

  1. the ability to configure notifications about the appearance of your pokemon;
  2. simple interface;
  3. the app scans, filters and tracks the “pocket monsters” in a given area;
  4. for games Pokemon Go running in overlay mode.

Overview PokeMesh

First, PokeMesh is a very quick scan. The app accurately determines the location of the “pocket monsters”. Developers of the game Pokemon TH there is much to learn from the creators of the map.

Interface. It is quite intuitive and easy to use. Its simplicity allows you to understand pretty quickly, even those who went into the app for the first time. But he has a peculiarity – there is no indicator showing the scan progress. In that case, if after starting the application any more what happens, do not worry – it scans, but because of the lack of the indicator it is impossible to determine progress.Download PokeMesh for android

In addition, the app has a built-in function of checking attacks “pocket monsters” and validation IV. Many players will appreciate this feature at its true worth, since it is quite convenient.
It can help to know all these parameters being, not capturing him. It is sufficient to choose the pokemon depicted on the map and click on the “Encounter”. The app will show IV “pocket monster”, as well as his height, weight and attack power. Now you do not have to waste time to catch the weak or unwanted pokemon.

But that’s not all that capable app. PokeMesh has a fast filter. The player can choose only those creatures which he needs. The map will display the location you selected only the “pocket monsters”. Thus, each player can choose to display only the most powerful or rare pokemon. You can also use a more flexible configuration.

Alert. Then the developers PokeMesh really tried. They are quite comfortable and catchy. Also, each player will be able to configure as it is convenient.

PokeMesh is the best working map “pocket monsters” and has several convenient features:

  • for fast movement around the map has an address line;
  • for every creature on the map has a timer despawn;
  • the application starts scanning at any place of the map;
  • alerts about the emergence of “pocket monsters” are configured and are working even in the case when the screen is locked;
  • for the convenience of the players Pokemon the there the blending mode;
  • the player can choose the icon to display the creatures on the map;
  • the app displays the arena, their level and the defenders guarding the GIM;
  • scans fast enough.

The application has a pokédex, which primanti possible in order to find out:

  • on any creature;
  • to check when a certain kind of met you last time;
  • select “pocket monster” of the appearance which the application will alert;
  • to remove those monsters that are not needed.PokeMesh apk

In order to log in to the app, no need to use a real account and register a best RTS. This is necessary in order to protect your account from locking. For what would the app has scanned faster, you can add additional accounts.
PokeMesh app really is the best map with a great variety of features.

And what card are you using?

Download PokeMesh apk for Android

Official website PokeMesh

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