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Ultimate Robot Fighting – Another fighting game for Android where you have to participate in the tournament with a powerful battle robots. You have to assemble a team of three fighters and together with them to enter the ring, to win the sparring and move up the tournament ladder. Thus, the main aim in the game is to win a certain championship, each level is a separate battle.

Ultimate Robot Fighting


With each new battle, the game difficulty will gradually increase, will appear more powerful opponents, which will have different fighting styles, therefore the correct tactics will need to be adapted to each fighter. For every victorious battle you will earn money which you can use to improve your robots or buy new. The graphics in the game is quite interesting, it is made in 3D, but the robot models have hand-drawn style, and every detail is drawn to the smallest particles.

Due to this style of fighters look very original and even interesting, just pleased and animation, all the bumps and movements of the robots look very smoothly, and the combos are especially impressive. Control Ultimate Robot Fighting for Android is quite simple, but a little uncomfortable, it is implemented with the help of gestures, so what is going in the right part of the display our fighter will strike, and to make a combo shot, we must quickly make a swipe.

With punches in principle, everything is clear, but the unit worse thing is, to make the block you need two fingers to tap the left part of the screen, but to do it in the dynamics of the game is not easy, but you can get used. If your fighter will spend a good series of shots, his aggression will rise, therefore will open a super-hit, he’s the one who will cause huge damage to your opponent, so do not miss.

Download Ultimate Robot Fighting



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