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Publique the game – a Great action game for Android devices with elements quite challenging puzzles. In the story you get a strange call from the mistress hope, which is hostage to the oppressive regime in a totalitarian state in which she resides.

game publique

You decide to help an unknown girl, to do this you bypass the protection of government video surveillance system and connect the camera to a network, which will help the heroine to get out of various dangerous situations for as much as five episodes.All gameplay will take place in the third person, switching cameras to coordinate the main character, pointing her to the right path while avoiding the guards.

All the steps you’ll be done through super program Omni, which gives an opportunity to see the whole level on through, avoiding obstacles and even walls, you will be under control all the equipment in the location. The main weapon of our heroine is cautious, she needs to move as quietly as possible, and thanks to your tips to slip unnoticed past the guards.

The main objective of level is to safely bring hope from the location, you will need to look around, paying attention to the smallest details, picking up a newspaper or document protection can be found very useful information that they will need in passing. Just all sorts of useful things found hope can be sold to local hackers who will be able to improve the program, Omni and expand its functionality.

For example, after the first update it will be possible to calculate the routes of the guards, and then learn how to hack new locks and so on.

Download the game publique


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