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LIMBO the game – Grim platformer for android devices which should be familiar to many gamers, because the game appeared first on gaming consoles in 2010, she immediately received immense popularity and many different awards. The game is primarily captivating players with its very dark atmosphere, deep story, unique puzzles and unusual style.

game LIMBO


By itself, the game is made in 2D format and is decorated with two colors: white and black, the result is a shade of gray which gives the game a dark and atmospheric. The game’s plot revolves around a boy who tries to find his sister in the fairy world, which is teeming with various puzzles, traps and challenges.

Overall, the gameplay LIMBO for Android is built on the method of trial and error, that is, if you take a wrong decision, our hero just die and have to start the level from the beginning. Game levels, as already mentioned, stuffed with a variety of traps, there will be electrical and mechanical traps, traps with gravity and other, which will be tough to get around, some will have to think and even sweat.

If you haven’t played any where in LIMBO, then it should be done as soon as possible, believe me the game will not disappoint you, ‘ll play does not come off.

Download the game LIMBO


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