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SuperSU Pro– If your device were obtained superuser privileges (root), then this app is just to be indispensable. This program provides expanded management access to the root for applications which require these rights.

She had very large features, plus the app was written from scratch, thus were fixed several problems that occur in similar programs.

SuperSU Pro


  1. – access request to the root access
  2. – log access to the root
  3. – notification of access-root access
  4. – notification configuration
  5. – temporary disconnection rights Ruth on the device
  6. – deep process detection
  7. – works in recovery
  8. – operates with the wrong download Android
  9. – works with non-standard locations of shell
  10. – authorized ADB connection
  11. – always runs in Ghost mode
  12. – Wake when request
  13. – mode OTA survival mode (no guarantees)
  14. – full logging with backlight (input/output/error)
  15. – log setup log – override setting (? – not sure of the accuracy of the translation)
  16. – PIN code protection

Download SuperSU Pro


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