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Space Marshals for Android – Before you chic strategic shooter for Android devices the operation of which will occur in some unusual cosmic universe. In this universe we have to play for the brave cowboy Burt, who is a bounty hunter.

Its main mission is to find and deliver fugitives. In the game, we offer complete freedom of action in performing tasks, i.e. we are given a goal, and how to achieve it we decide.

Space Marshals


You can immediately jerk in the battle with the enemies firing different weapons in all directions, but you can quietly hide in some quiet place and shoot the enemies on the quiet, and you can combine these styles. But still remove the enemy is better at quiet to skillfully to hide behind cover, wait for the enemy and be able to go behind enemy lines, so play will be much more interesting.

Android game Space Marshals received a perfectly planned and designed levels, they are very many places where you can escape from enemies, a lot of different ways, all contributed to a tough firefight. The enemies in the game aren’t too smart, as soon as they lose our hero’s mind begin to randomly move through the level and you can kill them one by one. But once you get in their sight, they will correctly shoot at you, so be careful.

In Space Marshals for any special attention is paid to developers the outfit of the main character and his weapons. In each mission, Bert can carry two types of guns: handguns and small blasters, and the second is more serious – sniper rifles, shotguns and so on. Of course there are in the Arsenal of our hero mines, grenades, dynamic checkers and other delights.

All the gear and weapons you get in the process of completing the missions, and the higher the rating a mission, the more cool gift you will receive when you pass it. The outfit of the character also plays a role in the game – if you wear one armor, you will increase the protection, but reduce the speed Berta, another armor has little protection, but would increase the level of health and so on. Under each mission need to be competent to pick up equipment and weapons in one mission you need to act very quickly and openly, the other quiet and tidy.

The graphics are cool, the characters are highly detailed, shots look impressive, but still cool that there is a change of day and night, consequently go through the exact same mission as you can at night, and under the scorching sun. By the way replay the mission recommended because at the end of each mission, you can only choose one prize from several.

Download Space Marshals for Android


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