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SlenderMan Origins 3 for android – continuation of the famous game about the scary Slender man, who is ready to scare you to the horror of all Android gamers. Slender games or as it is called “the thin man” are just very popular, all due to the fact that the game is very frightening atmosphere and interesting gameplay.

Slender Man Origins 3

If you want to experience the full “power” game, you should first pass the first and second parts of the game: Slender Man! Chapter 1: Alone and Slender Man Chapter 2: Survive, I recommend to wear headphones and play in the dark, the fear effect is increased hundreds of times.

The plot of the new part will tell us about one of the old school, which mysteriously began to disappear students. For a long time the police tried to find the perpetrators of the crime, but all attempts were unsuccessful. The management decided to close the school, in the end, the old building over the years has become so grim that everyone was afraid to go there.

But after a while one of the former students started having dreams in which she finds herself in a terrible school and trying to save the souls of abducted children. However, each time on her way to become Slender man… You have to help the girl to save the souls of children and coping with the dreaded “thin man”, which as we know has no face and can appear in the most horrible moment.

Game Slender Man Origins 3: the Abandoned School Android received a fully Russian language and Russian voice-over, graphics as always at the highest level, and the sounds will make you very, very much afraid.

Download SlenderMan Origins 3 for android


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