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SHADOWGUN for Android is very Steep and dynamic 3D shooter developed by specialists of the Studio Madfinger Games, the developers of the Studio gave us a super fun zombie game Dead Trigger. The plot SHADOWGUN takes the player into a distant 2350, that’s when the world was ruled by corrupt intergalactic company.



The player’s task – to find and kidnap one evil scientist and deliver it to their base. The gameplay is just gorgeous, it is simply impossible to put down, as the game is made on Unity engine, the graphics is striking in its richness and detail, as well as a huge number of gorgeous effects.

SHADOWGUN for Android is one of the best quality Android games in the genre of action with the control of a third person. The gameplay is quite long, more than five hours, as the game boasts a huge number of weapons, excellent graphics, high quality soundtrack and intuitive control.

Almost all the gameplay boils down to finding shelters with which you need to fire at the enemy, it is noteworthy that the system allows bullets to different parts of the bodies of enemies, so to kill the enemy with the first shot, shoot it right in the head. By the way the enemies in the game as many, they are all different and quite clever.

So, they can be grouped, flank them, protect your bases and stuff. Managing standard and convenient: left joystick for movement and the right button shooting, roll, pomegranate, acceleration and so on.

Download SHADOWGUN for Android


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