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Nightmares from the deep: Davy Jones (Full version) – continuation of a magnificent quest for Android, which will please dynamic plot, many interesting puzzles and awesome graphics.

In the first two parts: nightmares from the deep Nightmares from the deep: the siren’s Call, we met with Sarai – girl who loves adventure and drive, with it you have solved many puzzles and helped different people, and in the second part of Sarah have the proof of the existence of a mysterious pirate Davy Jones.

Nightmares from


It is this character devoted whole new part of this wonderful Android game. It so happened that Davy Jones suddenly appears in the Museum, where Sarah works as a curator, he brazenly kidnaps Sarah and her daughter Corey directly into the eyes of Museum visitors. Now our heroes have to escape from captivity and uncover the secrets of the supernatural origin of the island of pirates and find out who is Davy Jones is the villain or the victim of circumstances?

Full version nightmares from the deep: Davy Jones for the game has three difficulty modes, they differ from each other in the presence prompts, fines for not properly touch when searching for items, backlights active zones and various other small things. If you have already completed the first and second parts of this quest, can safely with the most difficult mode and play the game like an expert, the more you will be motivated to solve all the puzzles and riddles by yourself while not using hints.

Main tasks in the game will be in search of items that will be needed to continue the story, there will also be scenes where in one room you need to find a dozen or more items, finding hidden objects, you will receive a bonus. The graphics are really high quality, all elements are clearly drawn, it is possible to consider even small birds and other animals, as well during the game will appear small videos that will gradually reveal the details of the plot. The quest is very cool and interesting, be sure to complete all parts of it, you will not be disappointed.

Download nightmares from the deep



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