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Hellraid: The Escape for Android is a Great, full-blown adventure with elements of horror that will make the player no time to be frightened. The game story is written and calculated to the most minute detail, the story with every turn will reveal to the player the most unexpected details.



This Android game begins when our main character kills a monster. But after some time the character wakes up, looking around he realizes that he is in a sort of dungeon, where all the corners are scattered in different frightening objects, skeletons of people and all sorts of instruments of torture. After wandering a bit on the strange place he stumbles on some notes, which clearly say that this place is hell… What to do now?

Confused the main character decides to not find a way out of the underworld, but on his way a lot of dangers and the unknown.

The gameplay of Hellraid: The Escape for Android is just gorgeous, wandering through the levels you’ll not only look for tips on how to get out, but awake to solve various problems and puzzles. In each situation, you need to search for the right solution and this will help our hero different things, so don’t miss a thing, because at the right time each subject will play a role.

The graphics are gorgeous, the atmosphere catches up such that playing you might think that actually roam the dungeons of hell. The music also does its job, all kinds of terrified screams and moans even more enhance the effect of what is happening on the screen. To all lovers of quality terrible Android games simply for any need to download and play Hellraid: The Escape, believe me to break away from the gameplay impossible.

Download Hellraid: The Escape for Android


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