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Grim legends the game is the First part of a magnificent quest of the company Artifex Mundi. This company is known for games of this genre and if past its “creation” can be called very successful, this same game is simply a masterpiece in which anyone need to play.

Grim legends the game

In this quest Android is a highly detailed all the components, starting from the plot and ending with gorgeous graphics. The plot also able to interest the player from the first minute of the game, the events unfold in a certain village of Ravenbrook, which is located on among the dense forests and impassable swamps.

In this strange village, home to a very superstitious people, they believe that in the vast valley near the village of bad spirits, and that’s why people has surrounded himself and the entire village of various amulets to protect them.

You will have to visit this village as a guest at the wedding, the fact that there lives a twin sister of our heroine, the girl had not seen or talked many, many years. As soon as our heroine arrives at the scene strange things begin to happen, during the celebration of the wedding the bride will steal a huge bear and kills girl in the woods.

After a few minutes, a stranger appears, offering our heroine will go to load for bear. Here’s to you together with this stranger have to find your sister, but you have to solve many riddles and discover a bunch of secrets. By solving puzzles you have to look for hidden items, explore colorful locations and puzzle over complex puzzles.

It is noteworthy that in the game Dark legends for Android area of search items don’t look like a pile of junk, all done in the mind, each element in its place, and each found object has its specific purpose.

Download Grim legends the game


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