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Freedom – This program will really enjoy in the first place, people who love poshpilit games on your Android. We can say that this Android app is a sort of emulator system purchases in free games, which require money for buying need to play things.

That is, if your device has cherished with root access and installing Freedom you will be able to make purchases in stores games without using real money. Another advantage of this app is that it allows you to bypass license verification (VLV), that is also how it makes the famous Lucky Patcher .



How it works:

  1. Install Freedom APK.
  2. Run Freedom, the screen will show the program window with the request root access, you need to agree.
  3. Freedom will scan a list of your installed games and applications.
  4. Looking at the list of “greedy” app and Tapan on it will begin the implementation process. After the successful introduction of the game to start. If Freedom can’t cure greed specified game, then you will receive a negative message, and the launch will not happen!
  5. So, the game is running, go into the built-in store purchases.
  6. Click to buy something, I get a window with the authorization of purchase (in the box with the card payment you will see FreeCard xxx-xxxx).
  7. Feel free to click the Accept button and buy and get the desired result!


  1. You must have installed Google Play.
  2. You should have synced to your Google account.
  3. You must have an active Internet connection.
  4. You must have root rights.

Download Freedom


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