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Games Diablo series has become popular for a long time, but on Android it “substitute”, so to speak, was that a game series from Gameloft called Dungeon Hunter. Of course, the developers failed to realize everything was so famous Diablo on PC, but at least a little closer to the feeling that the game is similar to it, the developers succeeded.

And now, since the release of the 4 parts in the series was held approximately two years and Gameloft decided to release the next part. Game for Android received the name of Dungeon Hunter 5 and will allow you to revisit already known in the Kingdom of Valentia, in order to expel the evil from these lands, and became the leaders of the famous Guild “bounty Hunters”.Dungeon-Hunter-5

By itself, the game is completely dependent on donation and before you start you should remove a variety of programs, hackers type Freedom, GameHacker and other similar programs, otherwise you simply will be able to start the game!
Gameplay and control:

The first thing that might most surprise in the game is the presence of a very good plot and a large number of dialogues. The first level is the entrance, where you can learn how to attack, as well as other aspects of the game. Safe zone is a sanctuary Guild, where you can open chests (for gems or tickets), find new friends, and improve your armor and weapons or even sell them for gold.

Also on the top panel indicate the name of your character, its level, the amount of energy (Yes, to progress through the levels you will need energy, without it anywhere). There you can see the amount of gold and crystals. Crystals give you for each new increase in the level of the hero. At character creation you can choose one of 5 weapons: great sword, two crossbows, two blade, galefa and staff.

To change their campaign game, in principle, possible, but the efficiency will be too small. Each level can take on three levels of difficulty, but to get access to a new difficulty level, you need to fulfill one of the conditions. The level represents the path on which you will be enemies to appear, and in the end will have to wait for some semblance of a boss. Control is implemented is quite convenient and millet. Left analog stick is to move the main character, the right – button bump, roll and use the skill.
Graphics and soundtrack:

On graphics the developers have worked very well, the animation, the effects and detail are quite good, but to see the game in all its glory will only be available to holders of power devices, because the game features the automatic selection of graphics quality. This is done with the aim of better optimization and we have to admit, on the Nexus 7 2012 of lag and almost no brakes. The gorgeous soundtrack, and sound effects.

To summarize: many have called Dungeon Hunter 5 regular, sensitive Action RPG and deny it, but the influence donation for 1 hour did not show himself too boldly or impudently. So, download the game for free and not worry about Donato, especially if you have direct hands and you play these games. Enjoy the game!

Download Dungeon Hunter 5


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