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Fans hunt for animals and not on humans, found among gamers. And Glu company more and more encourages such actions, presenting us the simulators hunters. And here is a new hit among similar games “DEER HUNTER 2014”.

After running and completing the first level, personally for me, were just incredible sensations.

Yeah, Glu company has already presented such games, they were popular, but they looked dull as “shooting galleries”, everything was somehow artificially. But with “DEER HUNTER 2014” this doesn’t happen. When you aim, and then make an accurate shot is the slow effect, similar to the game “Sniper Elite”, and finally the bullet pierces the body of or be a beast and he, bloodied, falls to his death.DEER HUNTER 2014

If this hunting simulator, it does not mean that we go and destroy all the game! Take the mission forward. Missions consist mainly of the most basic is to kill white-tailed deer or shoot a few ducks. But it is more complicated, for example – to kill snow goat shots in the heart, here and infrared sight not hurt.

Shot, shake the hands of the arrow, the environment and other thematic elements are made at a very high level. And all that somehow comes to hunting were perfectly done, for example: weapons and upgrade weapons, and is also an important point. Any of the weapons, but here are not only hunting rifles and shotguns, pistols and even assault rifles! Each unit in our Arsenal can proapgreydit and here before us complete freedom – you want a red dot sight? No, the telescopic sight is better, and the surrender I better muffler will! In a similar way and presents store of weapons and upgrades.

In the game “DEER HUNTER 2014” presents several regions, and in the region of two or three locations. Of course – it’s not much, but it is necessary to indicate the weight of the game is 50 Mb. Dark forest, hot desert, and other variation of our environment is done very well, besides, in every area of their animals.

The swaying of the leaves in the wind, the movement of water in the stream and the sensation of weapons – all of it performed well, but looks far more interesting animation of animals. Naturally, the music and environment sounds are present.
DEER HUNTER 2014” is a very, very good hunting simulator with nice graphics, detailed environments, and specific purpose.


Download DEER HUNTER 2014


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