Download BLOOD & GLORY: IMMORTALS for Android

BLOOD & GLORY: IMMORTALS for Android is an Interesting and very high quality android game Action-RPG that has developed for us a very well known company Glu.

You have to take control of three heroes who will have to confront the mighty Greek gods who decided to make all of mankind your slaves.


The game features both singleplayer campaign and a multiplayer mode in a single company you have to perform a lot of tasks and pass a huge number of missions, and multiplayer mode will be able to create a Guild and lead the battle in PVP.

In a single company needs to move around the map as fast as possible to kill different enemies, at the end of each mission you will meet with the mighty boss. The only downside to this Android game is isolation levels, meaning you will not be able to explore the mission for each mission is given a certain time to complete, so the levels are linear.

Your characters can strongly improve and pick up their equipment in the inventory, it is possible to connect two different things, thus making them more powerful and unwanted items can be sold. The greatest strength of the game is its stunning graphics, drawing is just perfect, plus the behavior of the camera adds to all the great battles of the dynamics.

Download BLOOD & GLORY: IMMORTALS for Android


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