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Block Story Premium is a Perfect clone of Minecraft for Android is a game where you block will be able to build a world of your own and unique world, feel free to fantasize happen simply unforgettable. In this game you have complete freedom of action, literally brick by brick, build a dwelling, obtain or build a weapon, produce their own food and much more.

Block Story Premium

The most striking thing in the game Block Story – the scale of the world, he is infinite, no matter what direction you wouldn’t stomped around the incredible scenery, lakes, rivers, forests, rocks and more. Also in the game a huge amount of animals you can meet a cow, chicken, all sorts of birds and so forth, many of them you can try to tame and make them home.

At the beginning of annoyingand the game, our character does not Wake a single detail, a single instrument, generally there is absolutely none of that. But in the beginning of the game, we will begin to tell you how to learn to survive, you will learn how to get the wood, where to get stone to make tools and weapons and so on.

Control of the game Block Story for Android is very simple, a virtual joystick on the left is responsible for the movement, the fingers can rotate the camera so the hero can leap middle of a sentence, and to take inventory just click on it and hold, the icon will appear reduced copies, which actually can be picked up.

Download Block Story Premium


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