Download Angry Birds Stella POP! for Android

Angry Birds Stella POP! for Android – Bright and very interesting arcade game from Rovio, which the developers are offering us once again to play for the female half of the angry birds. In this game angry pigs won’t try to steal our birds of their eggs, but to annoy them they will still be, and that’s the main character named Stella, along with his loyal friends will try these little pests could handle it.

Angry Birds Stella POP! for Android


This time the developers have done a very interesting, yet familiar puzzle game, we have to Wake her to shoot a slingshot at the colorful bubbles, trying to get rid of pesky pigs down. And so, we will be playing field on which are placed the colored balls, which form a variety of shapes within these shapes usually are is pigs, our task is to shoot from a slingshot and breaking things.

It is worth noting that the shells we will be as specific colors, and to burst the ball shell out should be the same color as the Orb on which they shoot. There are of course exceptions in the form of bonuses, which each character, such bonuses are generally for a one shot clean a huge area of the balls. The developers did not forget about the original and the obstacles that we know from the series Angry Birds: wood, ice and stone structures, as we remember the ice barriers can be broken with one shot, but with wood and stone have a little trouble.

Angry Birds Stella POP! the game developers have provided a few interesting modes, in addition to the standard pass, they offer us to play small mini-games. Typically Android game from Rovio have very high quality graphics, so here she is simply gorgeous, the picture is simply the best in its genre, every detail is worked through, and this applies to both graphics and physics and music.

Download Angry Birds Stella POP! for Android


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