Dawn Of The Sniper 2

I hope you have not forgotten such a great game as Dawn Of The Sniper, where you were given the opportunity to try on the role of sniper and try to rescue the survivors who were in open space and surrounded by evil zombies.

Recently, the developers released a sequel, which is still the same sniper will rescue the unfortunate survivors from certain doom.

Game for Android received the name Dawn Of The Sniper 2 and among the innovations worth noting only improving the graphics and processing main menu.Dawn Of The Sniper 2
The gameplay and management:

Now the menu seems more organized and intuitive, everything is at hand and there are no elements that would remain in question. Improve weapons and buy new remained exactly the same, the main thing is to try to earn more gold. Missions, so far, not as much as many would like, but also be quite funny. The main difficulty is to rescue any survivors. Promotes the accuracy of the arrow.

Zombies can only be killed with a head shot, so don’t even try to shoot at the body. After a certain number of levels there will be new zombies that are faster and more dangerous. Management has not changed: the entire left part of the screen is responsible for movement of the sight, and the right left a number of buttons. There you will find a button for firing, reloading, zoom in sight. Cartridges as they were, and were infinite. The top panel is reserved for some indicators.

Dawn Of The Sniper 2 android
Graphics and soundtrack:

Of course, common features of the previous project still remain, but detail has increased significantly to the level of HD that is excessively happy. Through quality optimization and the ability to select the graphics resolution that will be in the game, this will make it easy to run the game even on low-powered devices.

As long as they meet the requirements in Google Play. With departures all the glory to God, in order, the game is stable and no glitches during testing were not. The soundtrack remained the same atmospheric, which is very pleasing.

To summarize: Dawn Of The Sniper 2 is a remarkable sequel, which, though not brought any great changes in gameplay, but the graphics change is too significant plus that you can not just miss. Like the previous part, this can be played for free and without any restrictions, however I only need lazy. Enjoy the game!

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