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Card King: Dragon Wars for Android

Card King: Dragon Wars is the exciting card game for all Android OS devices. In the first place very happy with the visual design. Regardless of the specific genre, the developers did not skimp on the chart and created a highly developed three-dimensional characters, each with special animations. On any screen size, everything looks just fine, even unexpectedly high quality.

The game is a turn-based card strategy. The player chooses a character (the choice is quite large) with unique characteristics and skills, assemble a team of various creatures and fighting in campaign and PvP arena battles with other gamers. Management of your units and their abilities is realized by a card system, which adds it a special atmosphere.

Card King: Dragon Wars free Download

There are rich opportunities for upgrade of the hero, warriors, and even spells, but it is sometimes advantageous to replace the creature in the unit than to upgrade. “Chip” of the game is its versatility, because you can choose completely different strategies of fight. Your unique “style” are selected and the Persians – so you can achieve maximum effect and impact in battles. Control is not a problem. With the program, too – a good optimization, and even a full-fledged three-dimensional graphics makes software to use too many system resources.

Card King: Dragon Wars Apk Features:

  • Interesting idea and its realization;
  • High quality graphics;
  • High playability;
  • Native management;
  • The mass of the Persians and spells;
  • Opportunities for development;
  • Play online with other gamers;
  • Easy to install.

Card King: Dragon Wars turned out a good quality project with lots of benefits. This is one of those games that not in vain is the memory of the gadget and to which we return again and again. Be sure to try.

Download free Card King: Dragon Wars for Android

Download free Card King: Dragon Wars for Google play

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