Game Angry Birds for Android


Angry Birds for Android

Angry Birds on Android is a well – liked, well-known toy, which allows us to enjoy the attractive graphics and funny jokes small birds on the poor pigs.

New and attractive arcade game for your mobile device. After several experiments with the previous series of crazy birds, the game creators decided to experiment and created a new game with a new “evil” birds. A key feature of this game is that every existing character will be feathered female.

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Due to the fact that the app built-in photo gallery, each character can disguise. Here and will unfold the main idea toys. Angry Birds for Android has many positive aspects, among which we can mention:

  • Graphics;
  • Clear settings;
  • Interesting storyline;
  • A variety of birds.

As in the classic versions of the toy, you will confront the evil pigs who will try to get to your base. You will shoot at pigs with a slingshot and fun to laugh as they will publish funny sounds. Users will be able to test the special abilities of birds with an interesting game mode. Stella will be the most important bird of all.

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It has the ability to bounce off any elements and trees, causing great damage around a certain radius. In General, the toy was very attractive and beautiful, it has bright graphics, an interesting storyline and plenty of opportunities to upgrade your character. Attractive fun from Rovio that will be able to please everyone.

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