Angry Birds Epic for android

The first attempts to create a really good RPG on Android usually ended in failure. Developers too often banged in realism and open-world, at the output of receiving a good product, but, most often, is not playable on smartphones. Still, to control your character in three-dimensional space using only a touch-sensitive keys, not always.

Especially when you consider the specifics of mobile games and places where they usually play. As always, the problematic sector was supported by one of the giants of the game dev – Rovio. Meet – probably the best RPG on Android, Angry Birds Epic. The game’s plot, as is often the case with Rovio, uncomplicated. The pigs have stolen the eggs of birds take revenge. Here only this time no shooters. Only leveling heroes and strategy on the battle map: exactly as in the famous “Heroes”.


Managed without major chips present mobilnyh games: sync with G+ and Facebook, bonuses for visits, paid and free buns. You will be required to pump their heroes, to follow on the map of battles progressive (there is no open world), and to destroy the green pigs, as always.


Angry-Birds-Epic android

Osobogo noteworthy system of crafting artifacts, clearly borrowed from Rovio Minecraft. To get new weapons and items, you have to spend resources that you collect after completing the levels. The progressive game the player reveals all the possibilities, but because of difficulties with learning should arise. Individual attention ” Angry Birds Epic deserves entourage: music and humor.

In this is its components Rovio has always been attentive to details, and therefore another creation of the company will not let you be sad in front of the screen of the smartphone. To control the heroes and all of the processes are very simple, but because the new part of Angry Birds will be playable even in the most inconvenient places. To download its worth it to fans of the series and RPG genre in particular.


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