360 Security Lite

360 Security antivirus from the developer Qihoo Inc has become incredibly popular free antivirus for PCs and a huge number of users uses it as a replacement for paid products, as a result of testing a respected AV-TEST antivirus gives 100% protection as its paid counterparts.

The thing is that the antivirus uses cloud not only the engine, but also two other engine from famous companies Bitdefender and Avira. Of course, the developers could not miss the mobile market, so soon came out with its cloud-based security technology for Android. Antivirus received positive reviews, many users like, but there were those who complained that it takes too much of the already precious RAM.

360 Security Lite

So developers are not delayed and just recently released a lightweight version specifically for devices with RAM 1 Gigabyte or below. In this case, is left as a module of anti-virus, and optimizer module, which quickly and convenient to clean the RAM of the device or the internal memory of the cache, and other garbage.

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After launching the application, you receive a special notification that allows you to instantly activate the functions you need, and there is a floating widget in the form of a small vial, which on a normal tap opens the app itself, and if you hold your finger on it, it turns into a missile to be moved to the launch pad. After that, the antivirus immediately to clear the background apps and free RAM. In the app there are 3 tabs:

1. Acceleration here all three buttons that allow you how to clean your RAM from running applications, and to identify those who blatantly use the battery.
2. Cleaning – analyzes and shows the amount of “garbage” in the internal memory and memory card, and allows you to quickly clear all.
3. Antivirus – protects not only your privacy and charges (use of the card in applications), but also allows to scan the system using their cloud technology.

To summarize: 360 Security Lite now pleases the users with very poor performance and gets positive reviews, so you can safely try it on his “old man” with 256 megabytes of memory. Enjoy!

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