Download Weather Kitty for Android free


Download Weather Kitty free

Weather Kitty is sweet and fancy embellishment screens on Android. The design of the widget itself looks a bit like iOs-watch, starting with its seventh version. The same font and thin lines looks very good. You can not be afraid of the installation on devices with screens of high resolutions and visual design in any case, looks fine.

Weather Kitty for Android

The user is offered a mini-program that dramatically changes the “face” of the gadget. On the screen there is a kitten that is behaving very interactive. The image responds to the weather and time of day.

There are over 500 images that are grouped in 12 cats. Some of them are available immediately, others will have to be loaded. Fluffy emotions can vary widely.

Available in a variety of weather settings Weather Kitty app:

  • Daily forecast;
  • For a week;
  • For 10 days;
  • Communication with GPS satellites;
  • The humidity level;
  • The wind speed;
  • Coming and sunrises;
  • Integration with social networks.

The application does not raise any problems – everything is as it should be. Optimization is just great – the program does not use much RAM. The weather kitty is the type of prog that should just install and they fit perfectly in any interface and seem an integral part of the system. Just try it – you’ll definitely enjoy it.

Download free Weather Kitty for Android

Download free Weather Kitty for Google play

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