Turbo Wheels for Android

High-quality arcade racing game which will take the player into a fascinating world of small cars. Your race you will start in Sunny Brazil, locations there is a beautiful, serious opponents and tough, they are not afraid to compete messy.

Turbo Wheels

But the benefit and we are allowed to cheat a little, you can push opponents to push them to the sides, generally do so to slow it down. For winning the races you will earn money that can be spent on to improve the car or to purchase a new one, the benefit of these cars in the game twenty-five Grand, there is plenty to choose among.

After passing the standard race Turbo Wheels will open new interesting modes: one-on-One, Knockout mode and “Coin”. In shootout mode will depart the player who last drove round and so on until the winner, one by one, you need to outscore your opponent and pick up his car.

The arcade mode coins – here you need to rush on the highway strewn with coins and collect them all. Drive awake not only in Brazil but also in Canada, Japan and the UAE, each country is different in appearance and structure alignments.

I have a request, it’s all about the small buttons in the middle of the race will be problematic to get, but you can get used.

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