Truck Driver Crazy Road

The simulation genre has always remained slightly in the shadows, but never gone out of fashion. Yet since the PC version of the rally and finishing all kinds of simulators farmer. The huge popularity the genre has received on mobile platforms, due to the openness of the players.

Even now, when the power of smartphones and tablets has grown some PCs continue to come fairly primitive game, albeit with normal graphics. But not all developers create 3 in a row and other casual games or simple arcade game.

Game for Android called Crazy Truck Driver Road is an example of qualitative simulation, which surprises absolutely all the components.

Crazy Truck Driver Road
The gameplay and management:

Currently the game has 4 locations, each with 7 levels. Most levels you’ll have to replay several times, because to open the next requires a certain amount of money. The goal of each level is always the same: to bring the cargo to the checkpoint, while not having missed any part of it.

The difficulty lies in the fact that the load is not attached to the sides of the vehicle and, in fact, “walking” during the race. Easy to drive like a turtle, because there is no time limit, and penalties are not imposed, if you go slowly. Management can be described as classic: on the left are the arrows, which are responsible for the rotation of the wheels, and the right of the gas pedal and brake.
Graphics and soundtrack:

Game, it is not difficult to guess that you created in the Unity engine, and in normal hands, this engine is capable of producing such beauty that the eyes just are impossible to tear. Thank God that this game turned to be in good hands and the graphics are really very impressed.

The developer focused on quality of detail and it turned out at it perfectly. In addition, it is worth noting the post effects that do not adversely affect performance, due to superior optimization. On the Nexus 7 2012 was able to set the maximum graphics settings and enable all the effects. Yes, the performance was, the feelings, just over 25 FPS, but that’s just fine, given that the device is clearly the most advanced.

Separately it is worth noting the presence of a radio in which the very jauntily tracks. To summarize: Crazy Truck Driver Road – it is just a 5 without any hesitation because all you need for a good simulator, this game has fully. A great addition is that you can play for free, with no donation and never will be. Enjoy the game!

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