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Mobile browsers have long had their favorites and newcomers, even with much better functions to make it without a powerful PR company, and it is precisely to force the indie developers who work almost on enthusiasm.

The Tangram app is a unique browser that offers a very interesting concept: there is no typical tabs, and the organization of surfing on the Internet is completely different. More about it next.

The browser consists of 3 sections:

tangram app
1. Web – in this section you enter the website address or search query, which is sent to Google and the entire page is displayed in the browser in form of search results. In this case, all the open sites, search queries are stored in a list that is stored for a long time in the future, when the developers will make the possibility of online synchronization, you can work with the same links at once.

If you find a website, but not sure yet if he needs you to bookmark, then you can send it to the second section, called Stack. For that, if you open the page, then on the top bar click on the Stack, and if you are on the home screen of the first section, we make a gesture to the right on the desired link. If you want to remove the link from the history, just to make a gesture to the left. If you want to search in pictures, videos or Google maps, then click on the small arrow to the right of the search query and select the desired item.

2. Stack – it stores all the links you sent and which you need to understand. If you know for sure you need a link in the bookmarks, again make a gesture to the right. The gesture left still removes the link.

3. Bookmarks – bookmarks are quite usual and, may I say typical, but very excited to be able to create folders.
Also there is sidebar, which has a useful option to enlarge the font size.

Unfortunately, settings are not available yet because the browser is still being tested and is actively being revised, so stay tuned. To summarize: Tangram is an unusual browser that is out of concept and style, but it can attract the most users. Enjoy!

Download Tangram for Android



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