Nearwood for android

Nearwood a real gift for all fans of interesting puzzles and stories. Go to another world to find answers to the mysteries of his childhood.

Sad story

The main character of this android game will be a girl named Jane, call it life wait hard when she was only a child her mother died, and after that disappeared mysteriously and father. But one day a letter forces her to return to his childhood home, imagine her surprise when it was discovered that in this house she was waiting for, and will not.

In the old house was hiding the gates leading into another world, a world where her father disappeared and where she will go looking for him. No, this is not a story about the nightmare, it’s a fairy tale…

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On unknown paths

If you’ve played the quests on android, the gameplay, you are unlikely to be surprised by something, you have to wander how beautifully drawn locations and carefully inspect them to find a variety of useful items. By the way there really care required, useful things hidden very well and they are easy to overlook.

To help you navigate this wonderful world you will be given a special card that accelerates the transition time, such a feature very useful and saves a lot of time on the passage. Searching for items on the list will not be here, which is also very good, especially those who are not friends with the English language because in other languages the game did not bother to translate.

Although the language of the play in attack will not be too comfortable, how many clues is in the dialogue with your companion and helper, of course, to play in the dark too, no one denies, but still a fun game significantly reduced. You meet a lot of puzzles to call them too original or not, for the most part ideas long familiar, but will meet and logical tasks inscribed in the plot.

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Undoubtedly one of the greatest strengths of this project – the graphics. You are waiting for the incredible beauty of the location with superb quality and attention to details. A static picture here have tried to revive as they could, in the flutter of a butterfly, crumble the leaves, whirling motes in the sunlight and all accompanied by well-chosen music. View of the terrain just wondering resources projects worthy of full and unequivocal praise.

Nearwood place for this game should be on every gadget lover quests.

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