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Monsu 2 on androidMonsu 2 is the second part of a rather unusual runner for Android from the Studio View Kingdom Inc., in which we will run through the locations in search of treasure.

The game got an interesting graphic design in cartoon style, excellent animation and a fun sound. Unlike most representatives of the genre, the process was not infinite. It broke into separate levels so that we could hire new assistants and pump those heroes that are already available.

Monsu Gameplay 2

Goals and objectives in the Monsu 2 very much, but they are all aimed at finding a great treasure, which should be somewhere at the end of the game. In each level of our ward will find a huge number of obstacles and antagonists.

Monsu 2 game

Obstacles you can destroy and jump over, and enemies have to either be eliminated, or avoided, depending on with whom we are dealing. After a successful run, we are rewarded with different characters, who become loyal assistants and protectors of their master.

Chips Monsu 2

  • Many levels;
  • A large number of cards with the characters;
  • Loyal pricing in the embedded store;
  • Multi-leveling;
  • Battle in the Arena mode.

Collected on the way to the finish crystals allow you to upgrade characters between races. This allows you to enjoy some boosters and abilities of those who accompanies the protagonist throughout his journey. Despite the fact that Monsu 2 for Android is a runner, it was a place to fly on a plane, and ride on various animals. To activate any booster, you need to catch the ball with a special icon and we will have a few seconds of carefree fun.

Monsu 2

Features Of Monsu 2

The longer we play, the more chances of getting rare and epic cards with the corresponding characters that can help the protagonist in the most difficult situations. In addition to the arcade part in the “World”, Monsu 2 for Android will delight us regime “arena” where you can compete with real players from all over the world to win their trust and take their treasure.

The management are responsible for the genre familiar single and double taps on the screen and the issues on it you will not have. Apply Monsu 2 for Android is free and does not require investments, although the system Donat, of course, available. The game is also present, but it is almost not visible.

Download Monsu 2 for Android

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