Minecraft on Android

Minecraft – Pocket Edition is a game for Android, which affects not graphics, not scoring, and its unique gameplay. Before you – generated world of the blocks with which you can do whatever your heart pleases.

The game has two modes: Survival and Architect. In Survival mode, as in Architect mode, your task is construction, but includes a number of difficulties. The player must survive in this desert world, he needs to get food, weapons and build a roof over your head, because when the sun comes over the horizon – the player start to attack different monsters. So on the first day you need to build housing, down a short corridor from the earth, and there to wait out the night.

Minecraft on Android

Architect mode there are no conventions and complexities, the number of blocks indefinitely, so before you complete creative freedom. All the accessories are available in this mode by default, but most of it loses its purpose.

Minecraft – pocket Edition is probably the most popular game on Android. She became popular because of its complexity and freedom of action. One of the shortcomings can be identified rare updates and significantly lagged behind the PC version.

How to play Minecraft. Survival guide for the first day

After preparation of the home you need to master three skills: crafting, mining resources, and hunting.

In the pocket version of Minecraft the process of crafting greatly simplified, although it is probably the most interesting and exciting in the game. When you open the inventory list from the top you can select the tab “Kraft”. You will see a list of items you can create, and description of resources that you will need for it. Created items instantly appear in Your inventory.

Minecraft for Android

One of the first created your items should be a workbench, which will significantly expand the possibilities of crafting. To create it you need to get wood (to destroy the tree trunk), and then crafted from the Board. From boards you’ll have to create a workbench. To use it just go to the workbench and Tapan on it, and then open the crafting menu on the workbench. Select this item to your home, so you can work and at night. Boards also need to craft sticks. By connecting the sticks and boards on the bench can get the care you need at first a wooden pickaxe. With its help you will get important resources and hunting. By the way, picks there are degrees of wear, so it is best to prepare a few in advance of such tools.

Resource extraction will increase the usability of your workbench. To get them better close to home. The simplest but very important in stone. He usually lies at a shallow depth under the ground. Great luck for you will discover also deposits of coal. From the same stone on the bench you get to create one more important thing – stone oven, or perhaps a more durable stone pickaxe.

The principle of crafting in the oven close to the version on your PC: after tapping on the stove opens a menu in which you connect two things: fuel and object processing. At the initial stage of the fuel must be Board. In the oven you can prepare charcoal (to burn the wood on the boards), as well as food, but more on that later. The resulting coal can be used as fuel, and as a resource to create new items. Combining coal and a stick on the bench, you will receive a torch that is needed to light their homes at night. Don’t be afraid to experiment with microwave, with its help, you can get a huge number of items that you will need in the future.

The food will be necessary for you to replenish health, which is predominantly consumed in battles with zombies (well, and if unsuccessful the process of construction, of course). The easiest way of food production in the early game – hunting, although later in this way will become your vegetable garden. To hunt in the world of Minecraft simply – even wild animals will not be afraid of you… before the first kick. If you already have the tool pick, he could be your first weapon. Locate in the area and kill any animal it a few strokes of the pickaxe. Different species of animals will give you different resources.

For example, the killing of cows will add to your list of inventory meat and leather. First you cook the steak, and the second can be spent on the creation of light armor. Killing pigs will replenish your supply of food for two pieces of meat. The only resource available to you after killing sheep – wool. Received meat must be cooked in the oven. Ready to eat steak by selecting it in the list of inventory and holding your finger anywhere on the screen for a few seconds. Other hunting trophies are used for different needs. For example, sheep wool in combination with the boards in the processing of the workbench will give you a bed on which to spend the night.

These are the basic things you should know about starting to play this wonderful game. Then it all depends on you – experiment with resources and tools, build new homes and fight for your survival. Good luck!


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