About your designer Lego has done already a lot of games, and usually it was something purely for children, with a minimal set of gestures for the user, which again emphasized the target audience, but in today’s game have changed a bit, because this action, made by the most advanced and the most dissimilar to the designer, the project is not using Lego, if anyone knows, it’s such robots.LEGO-BIONICLE game

What is striking, in a LEGO game not using policy developers turned 360 degrees compared to what they did before! Because before the game was ever paid with a small or given, or free with a huge or given, and this game is completely free, no ads and no donation at all, what happened?

Of course, since the game is free and practically does not imply any enrichment for developers, and try on it, not steel that is generally normal. Yes, the graphics could be better, this would increase the number of devices on which it inhibits, Yes, you could volcat complex plot and a fancy job, but a game for children… many of them need something simpler, so what may be a claim? And so… grab your robot and go to different worlds to find the mask of power, suck his skills, collect the parts, that’s something 😉LEGO-BIONICLE

The advantages and features of the LEGO games not using:

– explore the unique features of all six heroes
– locate lost mask of strength
– over one hundred items which can be fit to the design of your robot
– more than seven dozen locations
– suck his mastery of battle
– fill a special photo album’s moments
– no donation, no advertising, zero cost!

Disadvantages of not using LEGO:
– graphics not up to par, that is forgivable
– the job is boring, because similar to each other

Bottom line: as far as I understand, this game was advertising a new set of robots who were not using in 2015, so yeah, no money, no advertising because it’s all a big advertisement, however, it can be played, and why not? Still finished it in terms of rendering and gameplay – even if rates were not!



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