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Javelin is quite well-known ATGW, which has already become popular in games. But how it relates to the application specifically to the browserJavelin Browser? Perhaps the developer wanted to say that he added such a large number of functions, while not sacrificing the speed that the browser can truly be called a powerful “weapon” against competitors.

In any case, the functionality of the browser is truly impressive: built-in support for VPN and Ad-Block (without Root or any other bells and whistles, just clicked on the button and you’re done); stylish Material Design interface that works perfectly on your smartphone, on your tablet; use password Manager that syncs bookmarks and recently opened tabs on Google Chrome as well as high speed.Javelin Browser

The first thing that may disappoint most users is the inability to customize the home page by itself, so it is always automatically loaded to a special website address that contains the tabs, the speed dial, which can accommodate any of your sites.

There is also a button to quickly set up synchronization of bookmarks and tabs. The top panel contains a Menu button that opens a sidebar, a row address input, button “Reload page”, “read Mode”, “Share” and “Tabs”. Reading mode transforms the page, highlighting only the text and images, thereby making it more convenient to read large texts on websites.

All settings are stored in the left pane, which you can open by clicking the button or using a gesture to the right. There you can turn on VPN, Ad-Block, Incognito mode, and you can also buy the PRO version of the app.

To summarize: Javelin Browser is a ready-to-use browser that contains all the necessary plugins needed for comfortable work in the Internet. Enjoy!

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