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Improve the speed and accuracy of writing by the smartest keyboard available! Ginger allows users to quickly dial lexically and grammatically precise reports.

Convenient — built-in translator
When using Ginger keyboard, you can also use our own translator! Translate with an English-Russian translator and many others! Ginger is a keyboard and onl
Ayn-translator in one app!

Smart – check of English grammar
A feature that is simply absent from all other keyboards! Try to write: “He wants his teddy bare” and see what happens! Ginger keyboard is the only keyboard that knows how to quickly and effectively correct your grammar, spelling and punctuation. When you helps best corrector of English grammar, you can focus on typing rapidly.

Ginger Keyboard App

Funny — Emoji
Emoji is worth a thousand words! Choose between hundreds of beautiful Emoji and insert feelings into your text. With Ginger keyboard, you can add Emoji (emoticons) in your written text in any place where you want . Add spice to your text messages, your Facebook statuses and even your emails! Already have keyboard for fast typing with Emoji!

Quick — typing slide
Write faster with stream typing (like slip). Never lift your finger from the device and enter text three times faster!

Personalized — theme
Use a custom keyboard that suits your style! Choose between dozens of beautiful keyboard themes and customize your interface.

Ginger Keyboard for Android

  • Grammatical corrector No. 1 in the world – none of them understands English grammar better than we do.
  • A paraphrase of the text in accordance with the context.
  • Personal dictionary — add slang, names, places and other words for a personalized Ginger writing experience.
  • Online translator — translate between 58 languages: translator English to Russian, interpreter from Russian into English and much more!
  • The text-to-speech – voice will announce you have written in English tex

Download free Ginger Keyboard for Android

Download free Ginger Keyboard for Google play

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