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Kick Movie

The Game Android kick game is an amazing action packed game which features a superhero named as the Devil. The Devil fights hard against all the evil forces and serves the people by depositing money in banks. The valor nature of the superhero makes him immensely strong and unbeatable.

He runs like a storm and suddenly disappears with no traces left. He robbed a large number of banks and uses his money to serve the humanity. The game is basically inspired from the Bollywood action movie `Kick’ and it’s a promotional strategy for the film. Salman Khan which is a leading character in the film is also playing the role of the super hero in the game.Game-Android-Kick-Movie-for-PC

Key features of the Android Kick Movie Game

  • Endless bike racing dodging cops and giving them an endless chase
  • Amazing virtual quality and 3D graphics
  • Roaring background sound and 3 stealing locations to offer you changing stealing environments
  • Different new features and exclusive bonuses and upgrade
  • Improved game performance by bugs fixed along with improved touch
  • Some upgrades also require a little amount of cash so carefully choose your upgrades.
  • The game plan is simple which is based on two prominent strategies, stealing and escaping. By mastering these tactics, you can easily maintain your lead in the game.Kick-Movie-for-PC

Main plot of the Android Kick Movie Game

  • The main theme and plot of the game is inspired by the original Bollywood movie kick. The main character who is a good guy steals from the wealthy people and then distributed among the poor. The superhero has given an amazing opportunity to steal five different locations. You can perform amazing stunt moves while riding the bike. As the cops are chasing you, so you need to drive the bike really fast.
  • You may also encounter different security alarms, street corners. Main holes etc. while riding your bike which you need to bypass effectively. It is not a simple running game, but you can also enjoy buying new bikes and various upgrading features. There are a number of ads displaying during the game as it also works as a promotional game. The game has gained increasing popularity in Salman khan lovers all around the world. The amazing costume and mask captivated the attention of most of the children.

Download Android Kick Game for PC

  • Android game Kick movie for PC can be easily downloaded from the Google play store after installing blue stacks on your PC. The game is exclusively designed by the Disney India and later launched officially at Google play store by India games limited. The stunning game is free to download with much ease.


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