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Setting the browser size, a 1.4 megabyte, didn’t hold out much hope that it will be convenient, simple and quick. Honestly, these were the browser before, but lately all these “crafts” were just awful.

But Firebird Browser really managed to surprise, because the developer withdrew a little from the usual concept of an interface. Now all the tabs are in the left sidebar, and the bookmarks in the right. Is it comfortable? No doubt! All quick to access and always at hand.Firebird Browser

The developer insists that reworked popular Webkit engine and made the chips that save up to 50% of the traffic, while leaving the download speed is about the same. Unfortunately, to verify the truth did not work because no mobile Internet, but you will always be able to do it yourself.

Regarding the speed of work no claims that the site has loaded for no more than 3-5 seconds, which is quite acceptable. The interface is designed really very well and I would like to Express some discontent, but have not found them. Tabs very convenient to use, bookmarks are always at hand, buttons to move to previous/next page is duplicated above and below, the same applies to the Refresh button and the reading Mode.Firebird Browser for Android

The browser, of course, supports incognito Mode, search page, and even copes with viewing HD video, which is not surprising, as the developer notes this as a key function.

The settings menu could not be found, so it’s nothing. Everything works fine, crashes or lockups were not. To summarize: Firebird Browser – it’s really tiny (just one and a half megabyte) fast and convenient browser that will handicap the different giants that have long been sitting on Royal seats. Enjoy!

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