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Ducktales for Android is a funny Old game from the 90’s returns on mobile platforms, particularly Android. In this game we have to play for Scrooge McDuck, the luckiest and the richest duck in Duxbury, here with him and you have to find the rarest treasures on the planet Earth, Yes che there, even in space on the moon.



Yes the journey is very long and fascinating, you will visit the hot Africa, wander in the Himalayas, visit Transylvania and even take a flight to the moon. It is clear that this journey is not easy, everywhere you will encounter dangers and familiar enemies, so you will be disturbed in search of treasure gavs brothers and insidious Magica de Hypnosis.

Therefore, this Android game you will need to save nephews Scrooge – Billy, Willy, and of course dilly. Game DuckTales: Remastered the game retains the spirit of the 8-bit original, but slightly changed their gaming history and all this with better graphics. Playing this game you will plunge into the atmosphere of the animated series “Duck tales” which won the hearts of millions of people of all ages back in the 80s.

The gameplay itself has remained unchanged, armed with her cane Scrooge haunting locations, different splits of the chests and collect crystals, kill small enemies jumping on their heads and climbs the ropes. As in the original, our hero is not a lot of lives and therefore need to closely monitor them, because if they run out, you have to start the level from the beginning, as the game has many powerful bosses, they have new attacks and to kill them would be very difficult, they will send the player to the beginning of the level a single time.

Also the gameplay is a bit diluted mandatory mini-jobs, which would be very difficult to perform. In ducktales the game can play without exception, to do this, the developers have prepared different modes of complexity: low complexity suitable for the youngest players, and extreme mode will please the most devoted fans of the cartoon and games.

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