Download WWE 2K for Android

WWE 2K for Android – a Great wrestling on our Android device in which a very high-quality graphics, excellent control and very entertaining fights. In this game, quite an impressive number of athletes, there are all the familiar and popular, as well as legends of wrestling and new fighters.


Interestingly, in the game you can make your own fighter, and you can fully customize its appearance to give it a terrible name and give it a brilliant show when you enter the ring. Before the fight, each fighter is rewarded with the spectacular appearance, the music screams on the high, flaring with lights and pop fireworks, fighter gets into the ring and shows his trademark techniques, and then the battle begins. In the game WWE 2K has several modes: single game, tournament and multiplayer mode.

In single player mode you compete in strength with the computer, the tournament you need to defeat all formidable wrestler and win the championship, but in multiplayer mode you can challenge your friends over the network. Game control is very comfortable and built entirely on gestures to perform a stroke or seizure is necessary to make special swipes or taps on the display.

Here, for example, to capture the opponent need to disorient the enemy with a kick, and then swipe down to hit the enemy enough around him to tap on the screen. If you correctly and beautifully’ll be beating your opponent, you can use the techniques of crown, in order to apply you need to gather up energy. In any case, all of the techniques you can hone in training mode.

Download WWE 2K for Android


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