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World of Warriors is a Great Android game that combines the classic “fighting game and RPG, with leveling characters. The highlight of this Android game are its gorgeous 3D turn-based fights, which mostly take place in the three-on-three, but there will be two-on-two and of course one-on-one.

World of Warriors


Every fight is implemented is just great, they include a magnificent 3D animation and cartoon characters that are markedly different from each other, both visually and style of martial arts, the set of techniques and movements. In every battle main task is to defeat your opponent in any way, it needs to act as a team and to make maximum use of the skills of the heroes.

Just World of Warriors for Android available quite a lot of soldiers, but in the beginning of the game you will be available to only a few, you win the battle, pumped them for money and experience, gained in the battles, and eventually be able to open new ones.

Most interesting is that their soldiers can be changed directly during the battle. By passing the parent company can carry out different missions for their successful execution you will earn additional experience, which is very useful to support. The gameplay, although it has step by step system, is quite dynamic, you constantly need to click on the display to make taps and swipes to attack, defend, use super attacks and different bonuses.

Download World of Warriors


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