Download Weird Park 3: the Final Show on Android

Weird Park 3: the Final Show on Android – the Third part of the remarkable quest for Android in which you have to make a very creepy journey through a theme Park. In the game you will find a lot of puzzles and challenges, a great story about clowns, abandoned circus with frightening atmosphere and much more.

Weird Park 3


Immediately is to say that the quest is very nice and high quality, with a very interesting story and characters and if you haven’t gone past version of Weird Park: Broken Tune Weird Park: Scary Tales, be sure to do it, you will not be disappointed. We will play the role of a journalist who wants to know the truth about the mysterious disappearance of the child, collecting things we are going to travel.

In the beginning of the game we’re facing the house in which he lived for a missing boy with his family, when it was filled with the laughter and fun, and now all the Windows and doors boarded up and all around wrapped in police tape. You need any way to get into this house, and when you do start the core gameplay.

As in many similar quests we will explore different locations and find various items that will help us in a given situation, sometimes the items are linked, so you need to connect the logic and ingenuity to solve these little puzzles. If you can’t solve the puzzle or don’t know what to do, then you can use a hint, which willingly will give out an owl. By finding items and plot development in the game has a lot of interesting mini-games, different games, on logic, sometimes you have to go through a maze or play Mahjong and so on.

The graphics in the game Weird Park 3: the Final Show for the game as always from Alawar at the highest level, the picture is sharp and bright, all the details are drawn in detail, striking in the same way, the animation and music Department.

Download Weird Park 3: the Final Show on Android


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