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The sleeping Prince for Android – a Wonderful adventure arcade game for Android that will delight players of interesting riddles and funny gameplay.

The plot of this Android game is a traditional tale with magic, wizards, princes and princesses. The evil wizard Slimy Sidney cast a spell on the entire Kingdom, as a result, all residents slept like the dead.

The sleeping Prince

And even the Prince who must save the beautiful Princess was asleep, too… What to do, how to save the Kingdom and the Princess? Properly, with the help of your fingers and white magic. You have to use gestures to drag the sleeping Prince throughout the game, with even hero will be helpful. It can be thrown in different directions, to break their barriers and stuff, and along the way you’ll kill enemies, solve puzzles, avoid traps, collect crystals and different useful things.

As with some things, so to speak, interact: the curtains can jump high, and rings that are designed for torches will help to climb the wall, and stuff like that. Just by the way you can meet other characters and different bonuses, first and second will assist you in completing the level. Game Sleeping Prince the game received very high quality, we can say, fabulous graphics, in which every small detail and every detail.

The result is a beautiful characters, beautiful levels, great animations and effects. But not one graphics boasts a game, it is also very thought-out physics, through which all the characters move naturally and realistically. Despite its fairy story the game is suitable for players of any age, she will not get bored anyone.

Download the Sleeping Prince for Android


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