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Tetrobot and Co game is Bright android puzzle game where the main character is drawn funny, kid robot, that’s it you have to drive on different mazes simultaneously solving puzzles and riddles, as well as collecting gold bars. So, the robot will wander through the maze, which consists of different blocks, walls made of iron, elevators, and all sorts of long pipes.



We have to think how to hold a baby-robot through all the obstacles and get to the next level. Puzzles in the game quite a lot, all of them on logic and not particularly complex, but constantly kept on their toes and forced to think and to become familiar with the location, because by passing all sorts of obstacles on the levels will meet deadly lasers and fire guns that will be to obstruct the traffic in our hero.

During the passage explore the secret corners of the level, there will be hiding gold bars, which are spent to unlock new levels. The gameplay is quite fun and interesting, plus it complements the well-drawn graphics, and wonderful sound composition. Tetrobot and Co. for android will be of interest to gamers of all ages, the game easy and convenient, graphically well designed and has quite a lot different, and most importantly, interesting levels, so bored just do not get.

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