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Temple Run 2 is a Continuation of a very popular game, which is a very high quality 3D runner for Android. By itself, the game is free, Donat is present, but it is not Intrusive and you can do without real money.

But if you still really need a lot of crystals, here you can download Temple Run 2 for Android annoy on the crystals and gold. The game is very cool from the category timekillers, it was developed by specialists of the Studio Imangi Studios, which showed the mobile world should look like a real runner on Android.

Temple Run 2

Compared with the first part we play Wake up not in a creepy temple which is located on the water, and in the temple which is in heaven. The essence of the game itself are left unchanged, we still need to escape from a certain monster, to avoid all obstacles and collect crystals and coins. But in terms of graphics, the developers have worked on glory, the graphics are much prettier, all details are very well designed, the colors and the animation is very beautiful.

The game developers threw creativity, and added to a simple direct paths varied landscapes. So for example we’ll go down the ropes, running stairs, jump across the river, we ride the trolley in the cave. In terms of game carts are reminded of the Android game Rail Rush, but if we constantly rides on the cart and collect the coins, there is only a small part of the gameplay.

As in many games with the money you can buy a variety of improvements and amplifiers. Still picked up more than five thousand coins to buy a brand-new character that will have its own set of skills. To quickly earn coins, recommend to upgrade the first skill, it adds on the playing field, the red and blue coins. If during the game you lose, it is possible to resurrect your character in just one crystal.

Download Temple Run 2


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