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Subway Surfers for Android Mega hit, a great arcade game from the company Kiloo Games, which is made in the usual today style “runner”. The game tells us about teenagers who love to draw graffiti, but they do it in prohibited areas and prohibited objects. So our heroes decided to paint another masterpiece on the train, but they burned the guard and began pursuing them.

Subway Surfers


Now our heroes must escape from the guard, Amina all sorts of obstacles. The game area is divided into 3 tracks which we Wake up to escape, but on the way there are various obstacles in the form of trains, walls, etc. So as not to get caught by the security guard we need these obstacles to get around, jumping from one track to another.

The graphics are above all praise, she is very bright and well thought out, plus while running plays cool music, which makes now a very fun game even more dynamic. Control of the game by using gestures in the right and left and up and down. Swiping your finger to left or right you jump on a particular band, flick up will cause our hero to jump over the barrier, but down gesture you have slipped under the barrier.

Like all runners, life here is one, but the special keys will allow you to start the level from where you caught the guard, and not from the beginning. Except the keys in the game there are different bonuses that will help you in the game. For example jetpack raising you into the air, special boots will make you jump very high, and the hoverboard will speed up your movement.

Yet along the way you will see a lot of coins, they need to collect as much as possible, because for them you can buy new power-UPS, or to improve existing ones. Try this super runner,download Subway Surfers on Android mobile after this review.

Download Subway Surfers on Android


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