Download Speed Cars: Real Racer Need 3D

Speed Cars: Real Racer Need 3D Pretty neplohaea for Android devices that is able to delay the player for a few hours, thanks to the huge variety of trails. At this point in the game there are five cars, each above the previous class, it is easier and better road holding and managed, as well as faster rides.

Speed Cars Real Racer Need 3D

At first it will be available the simplest model, however, despite the status it can win races, and to win you need a lot to earn some money and buy a cool car. The game controls are fairly standard for Android racing, accelerometer control dishwasher, there is also the acceleration button and the reverse button.

During the races on the tracks will come across various bonuses which it is desirable to collect as nitro finishes, and picking up bonus you can fill the empty tank with jet fuel. Will also be on the way and coins, to collect it is also desirable, because they bring treasured the time you buy a new car.

Initially the route will be pretty simple and light, but then it will go to the mountain, there will be sharp turns and the opponent will push and try to knock you to the curb. By the way your car should be protected, as it is easily broken, if you are in the course of the race has been damaged, we can repair the car catching sign of repair. The graphics are not particularly high quality, but the tracks are pretty good, so play is currently possible.

Download Speed Cars: Real Racer Need 3D


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