SoulCalibur for Android can rightly be considered a cult fighting game, whose story begins in the time of the first slot machines. Before the battle you have to choose one of the playable characters, then you can enjoy an exciting game, using all the character’s moves and combos.

SOULCALIBURAmong the features of the game you can select a large number of non playable characters, multiple game modes and a large number of weapons. The game includes five game modes – time attack, training, extra survival, survival, arcade battles. 3d fighting game for Android holds fights in principle, in the standard scenario, defeat those who quickly knock out the opponents health points.

The graphics of the game in its styling is fully consistent with the genre, but thanks to spectacular visual effects, sound animation quality and attention to detail the creators of the app managed to create a really attractive toy for the various categories of users of mobile devices.

There are two additional modes, each of which has its own characteristics. The graphics of the game worked very efficiently. And watching the final shot will allow you to enjoy the victory.

Download SoulCalibur for Android is completely free on our web site, simply click on the link below.




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