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Smash Bandits Racing is Another very high quality races for Android-devices in which you’ll drive at tremendous speeds across America.

In this racing game you can select two versions of the race is a standard race with rivals and the mode in which you have to hide from prying police.

Smash Bandits Racing

Each and modes you are allowed to do all you want, I can shoot down and destroy all that is slowly going or is bad. In each level you will meet different destructible objects, destroying such things your car will not get any significant damage, but if you “catch” a post, a concrete wall or some building that a car will sustain serious damage, so such obstacles better go round side.

In this game there is a system of improvement, even with the crappy cars you can make an invincible machine, you can not only make it very fast and agile, but almost armored. It is clear that not only you can improve the car, but to buy new, if you earn a decent amount, you can even buy the Hennessey Venom GT, that is the fastest car in the world. Your racing journey as you will always start with the simple machines, and gradually acquire a new auto. The cars in the game are not licensed, but they are very similar to real prototypes.

So simple NASCAR races occur pretty standard, you just need to come to the finish line first, and how you do it will not matter, as I said, be creative in the way that you want. But the police chase a little more interesting, instead of simply rivals you have to be to slip away from American cops, and the cops will be not only on cars, they will chase you and helicopters, and even tanks.

Generally a race worth your attention, by the excellent of gameplay they present and great graphics. All high quality and very beautiful, especially the destructible objects. The game is free, but it is present in donnat, but here you can download mod game Smash Bandits Racing Android game where a lot of money.

Download Smash Bandits Racing


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